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The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Cast List

Leaf Coneybear Red Cunningham ‘13
William Barfee Paul Mancano ‘13
Vice Principal Douglas Panch Luke Mazurek ‘13
Mitch Mahoney, Comfort Counselor Michael Rizzo ‘13
Chip Tolentino Brendan McHale ‘14
Marcy Park MaryKate Glenn MSJA ‘13
Rona Peretti Quinn O’Brien MSJA ‘13
Olive Ostrovsky Juliana Angelone MMA ‘14
Logaine Schwartz-Grubenierre Allie Zito MMA ‘14

Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Paul Coneybear, Olive’s Dad, Apostle

Brendan Kolon ‘13
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Mr. Coneybear, Apostle Justin Russell ‘13
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Toilet Puppeteer, Dan-Dad, Apostle Bobby Loftus ‘14
Dance Captain, Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Landscape Coneybear, Apostle, Evil Student Karol Szymula ‘14
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Raisin Coneybear, Apostle Jimmy Berry ‘15
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Pinecone Coneybear, Example Boy, Apostle Teddy Lawlor ‘15
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Dictionary Puppeteer, Carl-Dad, Jesus Kieran McCabe ‘15
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Mrs. Coneybear, Yoga Instructor, Example Girl, Apostle Liz Duska MMA ‘13
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Brook Coneybear, Apostle Caitlin Harrison MMA ‘14
Speller, Olive’s Mom Olivia Manlove – HHHS ‘14
Speller, Magic Foot Dancer, Marigold Coneybear, Birth Mother, Apostle Renee McFillin MMA ‘14

Thanks to all who auditioned.  Anyone not cast can feel free to email Mr. Braithwaite for feedback.  Please do not be discouraged, and know that you are more than welcome to audition anytime in the future.  We will audition in December for Night of Scenes, where every student will be cast; and the Improv Club will be starting up in October – open to ALL Prep students.

A first rehearsal with the full cast will be on Wednesday September 19th from 4 to 8 PM


2013-2014 SEASON

The Laramie Project
November 2013

Friday, 11/15
Saturday, 11/16
Sunday, 11/17
Thursday, 11/21
Friday, 11/22
Saturday, 11/23
Sunday, 11/24

Night of Scenes
January 2013

Friday, 1/31
Saturday, 2/1
Sunday, 2/2

April 2013

Friday, 4/4
Saturday, 4/5
Sunday, 4/6
Wednesday, 4/9
Thursday, 4/10
Friday, 4/11
Saturday, 4/12
Sunday, 4/13