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European Art History

European Art History is a pair of courses, I and II, that can be taken singly for 1/2 credit or concurrently for a full credit. The two courses will be offered every other year beginning with the 2006-2007 school year. The European Art History courses are lecture-based surveys of the history of Western Art.

European Art History I, covers prehistoric art through the Romantic period (late 1800's). The syllabus contains a breakdown of the eras covered.

European Art History II, will cover Realism through the current time. For a more detailed list of what will be covered click on the syllabus below.

The European Art History courses are recommended for students who are interested in history, society and culture. The courses build on material studied in European history and literature courses. While helpful, it is not necessary to take I before taking II.

Prerequisite: none

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